Leather Flint Jaw Pad,
for 7/8 x 1" size gun flints,
such as our #FLINT-ENG-7
Part Number: FLINT-PAD-7
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $0.49
Leather Flint Jaw Pad, for 7/8 x 1" size gun flints.

To simplify the use of angled or hump-back flints, affix the flat side of the flint to the leather jaw pad using Super Glue, then clamp both in the cock jaws.

A tiny amount of Super Glue will prevent angled gun flints from being ejected during firing or clamping. Get full value from every flint, using this simple trick. Purists may use hide glue or pine pitch resin, as original.
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