Double Punch for locating Track's underlug staples
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Underlug staples are authentic, stronger, easier to install, and they remove less metal than dovetail lugs. Not suitable for thin wall barrels. Staples work well for keys, pins, or supporting a sling swivel.

Align our double punch with a center-line drawn on the bottom flat of your octagon barrel. Strike it to prick punch the exact spacing for our staples. Very handy for quick and accurate staple location.

Lay your key or pin in the open staple. Measure the staple leg extending above your key or pin. Drill your holes exactly that depth. Your wedge key or dowel pin should slide smoothly between the bottom of the barrel and the inside of the staple or lug.

Select a drill bit to match the staple foot diameter (about 7/64"). We recommend using a drill press. Set a quill stop to avoid drilling too deep. Hole depth determines key slot thickness.

Always leave at least .050" wall thickness under the holes.
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