Gunsmithing Labor:
install soldered part,
sight or lug,
per operation
Part Number: LABOR-US
Availability: Special Order, 3 to 7 days, not refundable.
Price: $25.00
Order Quantity:
Round barrels sometimes require soldered lugs or sights. Thin walled barrels often require soldered lugs or sights.

Prompt service: Our gunsmith will install our underlug using solder, for standard (halfstock size) wedge key, small (fullstock size) wedge key, or for a round steel dowel pin. Shop time typically requires 7 to 10 days for labor.

Underlug slot positions vary, depending on the style of rifle. Specify the number of lugs required, your choice of locations, or specify which of our pre-inlet stocks or plan drawings we should match, or allow our gunsmith to determine the best locations for your lugs. Most longrifles require three lugs.

Plain lugs are installed for pins. Slotted lugs may be installed for pin, as preferred by some gunmakers.

Slotted lugs are installed for keys. Specify which lug, or which key the lug must fit. Slotted lugs often require some fitting of the key to the slot, during final assembly.

Print this page of instructions, for later use:

Install your own soldered underlug or sight: this work is very easy, using our #Solder-SB high strength, low temperature solder.

Determine the location of your key or pin and transfer that mark to the bottom flat of your barrel. Design your own, copy an original, or refer to our plan drawings for guidance on pin or key locations. Originals vary widely.

Select the proper lug: for standard key, small key, or pin:

Our gunsmith will install your soldered lug or sight: promptly, perfectly centered, ready for use, at low cost. Specify locations, or allow us to choose the best positions.
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