Shot Flask Charger Head,
English style,
adjustable, brass
Part Number: FLASK-ENG-CH
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Price: $84.99
The brass English Shot Flask charger head has a quick cut-off gate, operated by a side lever, which is marked to throw 1-1/2 and 1-1/4 volume of shot. The brass charger head is easily unscrewed from the brass neck, included, so you can easily remove it and refill your flask.

Make your own shot flask of moulded leather suede, or make a shot snake style flask to attach to you hunting pouch strap. Slide your leather over the inside brass collar, and use two or three screws to mount this head snugly.

We recommend the English charger head for No. 8 shot and larger shot sizes.

Instructions for use:

Fill your shot flask with lead bird shot. Shot sizes 4, 5, 6, 7-1/2, or 8 work best through this valve.

Place the nozzle in the muzzle of your muzzle loading gun, or over the mouth of your shot shell, and press the lever firmly and deliberately.

Keep the pressure firm, to cut the stream of shot quickly, as you dispense the charge of shot, else the flask head may leak additional shot.

Holding the lever firmly closed, upright the flask head, and then release the lever.

Repeat as needed for the second barrel of a double shotgun. Avoid charging the same barrel twice!

With practice, you will become expert at using this correct replica antique shot flask charger valve.

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