Stock, Flint Fowler, pre shaped, non-inlet,
5/8" barrel channel, 43" length, plain maple
Part Number: STK-FW-M1
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $179.00
Shaped on a spindle carver, this fullstock will accept a barrel up to 43” length, or a bit more if the barrel extends past the forestock, in military fashion. Most fowling guns have tapered round or octagon-to-round barrels. This stock has an undersize 5/8” diameter round barrel channel cut 1/2” deep, full length. The forend is thick, allowing you to hand inlet your barrel, up to 1-1/4” octagon at the breech. The 3/8” rod hole is drilled full depth, with a 1/4” web. No other parts are inlet, so you may choose to hand inlet a parts of your choice.

Large lock panels allow use of a big flint fowling gun lock or musket lock. Our round faced fowling gun lock, Queen Anne lock, early Ketland lock, or Twigg lock are good choices. If you plan to build a flint fowler, fusil, or trade gun, and wish to substitute one of the low priced modern shotgun barrel blanks that appear on the market, this stock may be your only choice, other than stocking your parts from a blank. Hand inletting a tapered round or octagon-to-round barrel can be lengthy and tedious. Bedding the barrel can greatly speed assembly, but the bedding compound must be pre-stained to match the wood. If you value your time, we strongly recommend that you order our precision pre-inlet English Fowler stock and matching barrel, instead!

Specifications for non-inlet stocks:
  • Drop and trigger reach: drop is 4" from the line of sights to heel, at 15" of pull
  • Barrel channel size: 5/8" round undersize channel, up to 43" length
  • Butt end: 1-15/16" wide by 5-1/4" high, not cut for buttplate
  • Lock & Trigger: uncut
  • Ramrod hole & groove: 3/8" diameter, drilled full depth
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