Stock, John Vincent & Son, pre-inlet,
13/16" octagon barrel, Goulcher lock, fancy maple
Part Number: STK-JVI-13-M3
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Shaped and pre-inlet for a 13/16" straight octagon barrel, this slim stock is made in the style of John and Caleb Vincent. Pre-inlet for our Goulcher lock, double set triggers, triggerguard, sideplate, buttplate, toeplate, and entry pipe. This stock has 13-1/2" pull, and 3-3/4" drop from the line of sights. Like all Vincent rifles, the ramrod hole is drilled full depth for our 5/16" ramrod. This stock is fully shaped to very near final dimension. The lock panels are crisp. The forend needs to be sanded and thinned a bit more that we dare cut by machine, to achieve original style feathered edge along the barrel.

Track's Vincent half stock is pre-inlet for a 13/16" straight octagon barrel channel. A short under-size tang is pre cut in the stock. Notice that the buttplate is very slightly offset away from the shooter's cheek, not directly behind the barrel. This feature is called cast-off. It places the right hand shooter's eye directly behind the line of sights. This rifle will be instantly comfortable, and instinctive for snap shooting at game, for a right hand shooter. The stock is pre-inlet for the toeplate, triggerplate, triggerguard, and ramrod entry pipe. The stock is drilled full depth for a 5/16" ramrod. The lock panels are shaped and the sideplate is pre-inlet. The single lock bolt is also indicated. The butt is shaped with a square cheek piece. The stock is pre-inlet to accept our Vincent buttplate, #BP-VINC-1-B. Trigger plate is cut to accept a double lever double set trigger, #TR-DST-4. The triggerguard, #TG-VINC-2-B is pre-inlet with front and rear pin lugs located. The stock is drilled full depth for a 5/16" ramrod. Lock panels are shaped and lock mortise is pre-inlet to accept the R.E. Davis Goulcher percussion lock, #LOCK-GG-SR.

Specifications for pre-inlet stocks:
  • Drop and trigger reach: drop is 3-3/4" from the line of sights to heel, at 13-1/2" of pull
  • Barrel channel size: 13/16" straight octagon
  • Butt end: 1-3/16" wide by 4" high, cut for buttplate
  • Buttplate: #BP-VINC-1-B wax cast brass
  • Lock, flint: none available
  • Lock, percussion: #LOCK-GG-SR R.E. Davis, Goulcher, right hand percussion lock
  • Ramrod hole & groove: 5/16" diameter, drilled full depth
  • Ramrod entry pipe: #RP-VINC-E-5-B polished brass
  • Triggers: #TR-DST-4 double lever double set triggers
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