Barrel, .54 caliber,
Edward Marshall
37" swamped, "D" profile, 1-56", 5.2 lb,
flared tang plug, by Colerain
Part Number: COLE-54-EM-D
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $310.00
Our 37" swamped barrel is also called the Edward Marshall style, in honor of the 1750 era frontiersman. It may be more correct to call this an Albrecht style, after the family of gunmakers at Christian's Spring, Pennsylvania, who made transitional rifles such as Edward Marshall's rifle. The shorter Germanic Jaeger rifles evolved into America's longrifle, during this transitional period.

We offer Colerain 37" swamped barrels in 'D' profile, with taper and flare appropriate for a transitional rifle. Our price includes the breech plug, installed and match-marked. Our Edward Marshall barrel is about 1.125" at breech, .860" at waist, and 1.062" at the muzzle.
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