Blank stocks, cherry

Blank stocks, cherry Stock Blanks cured to 6% to 8% moisture are stable!

Stocking a rifle with cheap wood can be discouraging! If your wood twists, warps, cracks, checks, or splits after you begin work, your labor may be lost. Properly cutting and curing can minimize your risk. Our wood was selected for gun stocks, often before the tree was cut. These stock blanks are not "lumber yard culls". The stock blanks we offer are slow cured to the ideal 6 to 8% moisture content in a special kiln, and often have been in climate controlled storage for three to five years. We keep a large supply on hand.

How are our black cherry stock blanks priced?

Black cherry is priced by the amount and type of figure, as follows:
Grade 1 Cherry has nearly straight grain, clear
Grade 2 Cherry has some curl or burl in the butt.
Grade 3 Cherry has better curl or burl in the butt.

Our guarantee is simple:

Order "sight unseen" with confidence. We will pick a good one.
You pay postage, which is not refundable. Your only risk.
When your blank arrives, examine it carefully for 10 days.
If not delighted, return it and we will ship a replacement.
No sale is final until you cut it. Cut wood may not be returned.

All wood contains internal stress. Figured wood is more highly stressed than straight grain wood. Every piece of wood may have hidden chips, checks, cracks, knots, bark inclusions, rot, cross grain, worm holes, warping, or incorrect dimensions. These become your problems only after you decide to cut the wood. Old time gunsmiths faced and solved such hidden problems. Many antique longrifles will reveal clever repairs, inlays, and "wear plates" to cover flaws.

Examine any blank for 10 days. If not delighted, perhaps we can substitute a different grade, select another piece or suggest a simple solution. If we can't satisfy you, we will promptly refund the price of the stock. Order wood by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail!
Cherry fullstock blank, grade 2, some curl or burl in butt
Cherry fullstock blank, grade 2, some curl or burl in butt
Part Number: CHERRY-F2
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available
Price: $199.00
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