Miner's pyramid tent 9 x 9', 10 oz. marine finished canvas
Our Gold Miner’s Pyramid tent, sometimes called a Pyramid or Ranger’s tent, uses two outside poles to replicate an 1860’s cattle drive tent. Outside poles provide open space inside. For faster setup, use one, two, or four inside poles, as the miners did during the 1849 Gold Rush. They were in a hurry to get rich quick! The tent is made in two popular sizes: 9 x 9 x 9’ high, and 12 x 12 x 10’ high. Both have 12” sod cloth on inside edges. The door overlaps 12” with ties along the edges. Instructions for set up are included.

The Gold Rush Miner's Pyramid tent is offered in three different canvas options; water repellent, marine finished, and flame resistant canvas.

Marine Finished Sunforger Cotton Duck is a 100% cotton army duck, tightly woven, with the same off white appearance as natural cotton duck. This patented treatment is used for boat covers exposed year round. Recommended east of the Mississippi, in any high humidity area. It resists water, mildew, fungi, and industrial pollutants.

We can supply the tent pegs you require for you Gold miner’s tent. We recommend hand forged iron stakes for use on this tent. Order 16 stakes for the 9' Miner's tent.

Rope for tents:
We offer authentic natural fiber and cotton rope, not synthetic materials. Specify which tent or lean-to you wish to equip, and we can provide exactly the right lengths. Or order natural fiber rope by the foot, specify length. Order a hank of Cotton rope, a length of 50 feet each.

Awnings for Miner’s Tent:
These are separate awnings that are tied on over the standard door, under the rain flap. This trapezoid (tapered) shaped awning has ties and three grommets; at center and at corners. Loops for mounting this awning are on all our Miner’s tents purchased during 1996 or later.

Ground tarp:
Order a 9 x 9’ water repellent ground tarp for your Gold Miner’s tent. Drive in stakes, erect poles, tighten ropes, spread the tarp, move in!

Stove pipe insert:
We will install a stove pipe insert, with cover flap and ties, in a good location. Also sold separately for use in older tents. The Fiberglas® insert is rated to 1000° F, secured with harness rivets.
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Total: $355.00          



Ground Tarp:
Stove Pipe Insert:

Total: $355.00          

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