Sharps Globe Front Sight,
with 5 inserts, plain clip,
.375" dovetail for Pedersoli Sharps
and other rifles with standard 3/8" slot,
made in the U.S.A.
Part Number: FS-SHARPS-16A-375
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available
Price: $125.00
This Sharps front sight can be found on many fine single shot and lever action rifles.

This sight does not come with a spirit level, but instead includes a plain clip, recommended for hunting. A spirit level vial can glare at the wrong time, when sighting your rifle at wild game.

The blued steel base has a .375" dovetail for Pedersoli, Ballard, Winchester, Browning, and Italian rifles. The dovetail base is .003" oversize, to allow snug hand fitting, using your fine cut triangular (three corner) file with one safe edge (ground smooth).

Replace this plain clip with our spirit level, coming soon, sold separately, if you so choose. Essential for accurate long range target shooting, the addition of a spirit level may make the difference on the competition line.

Five sight inserts are included. Also sold separately, these fit the Axtell - Riflesmith sights, also.

Hand fitting is quick work. Go slow, check often. Always file the sight. Never file the slot!

You may need our #TOOL-KEY-B brass drift punch to gently drive this sight into the snug dovetail, centered on your barrel.
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