Polished Unfinished Cow Horn,
mostly white,
small 6 to 8" arc,
ideal for scrimshaw
Part Number: HORN-P-SW
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available
Price: $21.99
This smaller white horn has a 6" to 8" arc, ideal for making a small priming horn, pocket or pouch size powder horn, salt horn, or condiment horn. The white color is a good choice for a scrimshaw decorated horn.

Our horns have been boiled, cleaned, scraped, and polished bright, but not ruined by power buffing wheels. In fact, the surface may be too bright. Buffing wheels quickly brightened the surface, but we prefer the hand scraped satin appearance of old horns. Rub the horns surface with 0000 steel wool or a wet abrasive cleanser. Rub along the grain direction, like wood.

Like most other horns shown, these horns are a by-product of the cattle industry in North America, especially the southwest, and none are imports from India or Africa, where horns tend to be thick, black, and very brittle. Not ours. Cut it to length, make a plug, drill the tip, and fit a stopper. See our brass priming valves, stoppers, plugs and bushings, sold separately.

We strongly recommend our Recreating the 18th Century Powder Horn by Scott & Cathy Sibley.

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