Hawksley Powder Flask,
clam shell design, brown leather
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This powder flask is made of hard moulded leather and measures 3" wide and 7-1/2" overall. Features a brass Hawksley head with spring-loaded thumb release lever and adjustable tip.

It features a brass Hawksley flask head with Sykes Patent spring-loaded thumb release lever and adjustable tip.

The calibrated nozzle is marked: 2-1/2 drams, 2-3/4 drams, 3 drams, 3-1/4 drams.

Each pound contains 16 ounces, each ounce contains 16 drams.

Each pound contains 7,000 "plump grains of wheat", thus a Dram is about 27.3 grains.

Thus, this nozzle dispenses about 68 grains, 75 grains, 82 grains, or 89 grains.
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