Antique Jaeger rifle,
.55 caliber, 26-1/2" swamped barrel,
percussion, walnut with many repairs, brass trim
Part Number: AAR-572
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Stocked in dense European walnut, this handy Jaeger rifle is an example of percussion evolution of the German hunting rifles that so greatly influenced the American longrifle. Stocked in walnut, trimmed in brass furniture, with front action percussion lock mated to a snail bolster breech and swamped barrel. The stock has many repairs with wood spliced on the toe, patchbox, and forearm. The forend has also been deliberately cut and repaired, which typically indicates it was brought back post World War II to make the disassembled rifle short enough to conceal in G.I. bag.

The .55 caliber swamped barrel measures 26-1/2" long. The barrel has a very slight swamped profile with a thick breech, narrow waist, and flare at the muzzle. The bore is rifled with eight lands and deep grooves. The bore is in good condition with clearly defined rifling with some frosting and pitting, no roughness is noted with a cleaning patch. The barrel has a small crown over V proof or view marks on the barrel and top of the breech plug. The front sight is a small silver blade. The rears sight is elevation adjustable and is very similar to the sight found on 1856 Milbank-Amsler Swiss rifles.

The European walnut stock has a rich reddish brown color. Hand carved, hand shaped, neatly hand inlet, this is a unique percussion rifle from the mid to late 1800's. The edges of the barrel channel have some visible chips missing. The stock has some visible repairs, notably a 1" deep section across the toe has been replaced. This appears to be an old repair with a filled sling button hole. The patchbox door is a later replacement, and the head of the patchbox inlet has been filled with a triangular patch. The buttplate is shaped with large flat panels, a wedding band, and has a small engraved acorn finial. The breechplug has a long tang to help strengthen the wrist. The triggerguard has a large bow with curled grip rail to accept the double lever double set triggers.The right hand side of the stock has a diamond patch around the rear wedge key. This patch also appears to be very old and has some compression and lifting. The forend has two diamond shaped patches between the ramrod pipes. These appear to cover previous mounting point for a swivel. Just ahead of that patch an angled joint is visible. This cut was likely done to make the stock short enough to fit inside a duffle bag to bring it back without it being "declared". A horn forend cap is fitted to the end of the stock. Two ramrod pipes secure the metal ramrod to the rifle. The heavy duty steel ramrod with brass end appears to be original to the rifle, if not, it is certainly a very old replacement. The ramrod has male threads on one end and a large brass end opposite. The brass end is tipped very slightly off to the side and has the cross pin missing. The side panel is fitted with two brass sideplates and has a darker wood filling the mortise between the sideplate. A large oval cheekpiece is shaped.

The front action percussion lock works like a watch with clearly defined clicks into the half cock and full cock notches. The half cock notch appears to be secure. The lock has a continental European appearance with flat panels on the head of the hammer. The lock plate is unmarked except for a small crown over V mark. The breech is fitted with a modern steel .275-28 nipple. The double lever double set triggers are properly tuned to fire from the set, or unset position. You may cock the lock before, or after setting the triggers. The set trigger can provide very light release, perhaps an ounce or two, for accurate aimed shooting during pleasant weather.

A interesting late percussion European sporting arm with crisp lock, double set triggers, and mostly bright bore. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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