Antique Appalachian Rifle,
.33 caliber, 41" barrel,
Griffith percussion lock, mixed brass & iron trim,
maple stock with repairs
Part Number: AAR-553
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This unsigned antique Appalachian Mountain rifle is stocked in maple and trimmed in a mixture of brass and iron furniture. This rifle has an antique Griffith, Cincinnati, Ohio percussion lock and single lever double set triggers. The stock and barrel show well over 100 years of use with many dings, marks and repairs. This rifle has a great overall patina typical of antique rifles. Trigger reach is 13-1/2" and this rifle weighs 9.7 pounds.

The .33 caliber barrel is 41" in overall length. The swamped octagon barrel measures .97" at the breech with a very slight swamp and flare at the muzzle. The .33 caliber bore is rifled with seven narrow grooves and wide lands. The muzzle is coned and measures .35" with it transitioning down to bore diameter to ease loading without a starter. The bore has bright lands with dark grooves. A cleaning patch has only slight resistance as it is run up and down the bore and this barrel appears it could benefit from a good scrubbing. The barrel exterior has developed a dark brown patina finish. There are many dings in the barrel and the breech end is pitted from the corrosive effects of early percussion caps. A very low silver blade front sight set in a brass base is dovetailed behind the muzzle. A semi-buckhorn rear sight is dovetailed 10-1/4" ahead of the breech.

The hand shaped maple stock has many dings and scratches from a century of use. It has many small cracks that have been stabilized on the forearm as well as the upper lock panels. The wood at the left hand side of the breech has a old chip missing. The left hand side of the forearm also has an area of maple spliced in to repair edges that have chipped or broken away. The edge of the forearm has some dips and wave from small chips that have occurred and been worn smooth. The buttplate is a typical mid-19th century style and has some hard epoxy filler along the edges, mostly on the cheek side. The top view shows the long straight tang that extends to the front edge of the comb. A tang bolt engages the trigger plate below, while a wood screw secures the end of the tang.

The thin sheet brass toeplate is retained with two steel screws. The iron triggerguard has a curled grip rail and is retained to the stock with a screw and pin. The forearm has very slender shaping with it tapering toward the ramrod entry hole. No ramrod entry pipe was fitted to the rifle, the two forward ramrod pipes are formed from sheet brass. The sheet brass muzzle cap protects the end grain of the stock at the muzzle. No ramrod is fitted currently and a 5/16" diameter would need to be hand scraped to fit the existing pipes.

This rifle has a square tail percussion lock marked Griffith, Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a typical mid-19th century hardware store lock. The lock has aged to the same brown patina as the barrel. The lock plate has an engraved border, with die embossed bird scene on the tail and is very similar to many Goulcher percussion locks from the same era. This lock has a rather mushy feeling mainspring. The percussion drum appears to be a later replacement, the patina does not quite match the barrel. The drum is fitted with a modern nipple and the threads appear to be in good condition. This lock has only a single position, to simplify using the lock with set triggers. A single lock bolt secures the lock through a diamond sideplate.

The triggers are single lever double set, a popular mid 19th century design. Only the rear trigger has a trigger bar to engage the sear on the lock. This design means that the triggers will only fire the lock from the set position. Pull the rear trigger until it latches. Once set the front trigger only requires a few ounces of pressure to fire the lock for a accurate aimed shot. You may cock the lock before or after setting the trigger on this rifle.

An interesting antique Appalachian rifle with a some repairs to the stock. It still has a very nice antique patina. This rifle will look great hanging on the wall at the cabin. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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