Antique H&H Miniature Express Rifle,
caliber .360 Express, 28" tapered octagon barrel with relined bore,,
walnut, engraved iron, accessories, used,
by Holland & Holland
Part Number: AAR-123
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This antique Holland & Holland Miniature Express Rifle is in excellent shootable condition with a new re-lined bore. Chambered in caliber 360 Express or .360 - 2-1/4" this handy little rifle will require hand loaded ammunition. With the proper ammunition it will be a joy to shoot as well as display. The English walnut stock features a checkered pistol grip and forearm. The back action lock, tip-open action, triggerguard, and tang are all beautifully hand engraved. The forend is fitted with an ebony cap. Trigger reach is 14-1/2" and this handy little rifle is lightweight at 5.8 pounds.

Accessories for this rifle include:
  • 210 grain .366" CBE bullet mold
  • Buffalo Arms .custom H&I 368" die
  • C&H three die set with shell holder
  • Lee Die Body and Set of Expansion Plugs
  • 40 unprimed Bertram 360 brass cases
  • Partial box of Hawk Jacketed 9.3 mm bullets
  • Two magazines about reloading the .360 Express
The 28" long barrel measures just over 15/16" at the breech and tapers to just over 3/4" at the muzzle. The barrel has been professionally relined by John Taylor to original bore and chamber dimensions for the caliber .360 Express aka .360 2-1/4". The bore is bright, clean, and ready to shoot. A tiny platinum bead sight is installed directly behind the muzzle in English style. A folding leaf rear sight is dovetailed 5-1/2" ahead of the breech. The fixed sight is marked for 100 yards, the first folding leaf is marked 150 yards, and the second leaf is for 200 yards. A dovetail located 8-1/2" ahead of the breech has been cut and filled in at some point during its history. The finish has been worn away around the plugged dovetail and this filled dovetail is very obvious. The top flat of the barrel is marked HOLLAND & HOLLAND, 98 NEW BOND ST LONDON near the breech. The right oblique flat is marked 360 EXPRESS. The barrel has black powder proofs, it is not proofed for Nitro cartridges.

This antique Miniature Express Rifle is stocked in European walnut and is in excellent condition with some cosmetic chips that have lifted along the edge of the lock plate. The forend is fitted with an ebony forend cap. The action, lock, lever, tang, buttplate, and trigger guard, were once color case hardened, and have since aged to a pleasant antique patina. The pistol grip and forearm of the stock are both checkered. The top view shows the small pointed comb of the steel buttplate that is lightly engraved. The long slender tang is beautifully engraved, along with the breech plug and lever. The lever is marked WEDGE BOLT 3091. The lever sits to the right of center, but the action does lock up tight.

The bottom view shows the engraved steel cap of the pistol grip that is mounted with an engraved screw on the center. The triggerguard is hand engraved on the bow and along the grip rail. The bottom of the action is attractively hand engraved. The forearm is secured to the barrel with a wedge key shaped in English style and surrounded by engraved steel escutcheon plates

The action is tight and crisp, with the shell ejector rising smoothly. The back action lock functions as it should, with a strong mainspring. The hammer and lock plate are beautifully engraved with the HOLLAND marking across the upper edge. The rebounding firing pin functions correctly. The trigger release is smooth and crisp. Both the upper and lowder edge of the lock panel has some chipping around the tighly fitted lock panel.

This antique Holland & Holland Miniature Express rifle is in shootable condition with a re-lined bore. It is designed for hand loaded black powder cartridges. It will be a joy to shoot or display! Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.

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