U.S. Model 1873 Springfield Infantry Rifle
caliber .45-70 Gov't, 32" barrel,
walnut stock, aged patina, High Wall rear sight
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This full length U. S. Model 1873 Springfield rifle trapdoor rifle is in very good overall condition, with a mostly bright bore. Stocked in walnut that has been sanded removing all the cartouche marks. The wood has numerous handling marks from well over 100 years of handling and use by previous owners. The blued barrel and furniture have aged anywhere to a brown or silvery gray patina. The original rear sight has been replaced with the rear sight from a Winchester 1885 High Wall Musket., which would have been contemporary, and a taller blade installed in the front sight.

Weighing in at 9 pounds, with a trigger reach of 13-1/4", it will be a good shooter for today's modern size BPCR enthusiast. The black walnut stock has a number of dents and dings. The military style buttplate is wide and lightly curved, made to absorb the recoil of the .45-70 Government cartridge. The Director of Civilian Marksmanship offered Trapdoor rifles to NRA members at low cost, and such famous mail order merchants as Sears and Roebuck listed such guns in their early catalogs. This nice rifle has not been sporterized, as many of the rifles sold to the public were.

Our top view of the trapdoor shows off the thumbnail comb extension of the buttplate, clearly marked U.S.. The buttplate has a dark brown patina from age. Moving up the stock, the short tang can be seen, its color case hardening has faded to a gray. The serial number of the rifle, 240XXX, can be seen at the forward most portion of the breech. The trapdoor itself is also marked U.S. / MODEL / 1873 in three lines. Ahead of the breech and trapdoor, the barrel measures 32" out to the muzzle. The original rear sight has been replaced with a 1885 High Wall Musket rear sight. The front sight has a taller blade fitted to the base. This taller front sight would not allow a bayonet to fit the rifle. The markings on the barrel are quite visible, the classic V over P over the upraised eagle's head with an addition of a B just ahead of the action on the barrel.

From below the rounded toe of the rifle can be seen leading forward to the dark brown triggerguard. The triggerguard has a sling swivel on the forward bow that is matched by a front swivel on the front barrel band. Two blued barrel bands hold the barrel to the stock while also supporting the ramrod below. Each of the bands is properly marked with a U, the open end of which faces toward the muzzle. Below the barrel the proper cleaning rod is held securely in position, its open channel has a few small chips along the edges.

The lock works crisply with a three notch tumbler, and the trigger release is positive and smooth at about 3 pounds pressure. The lock plate is marked with an eagle next to U.S. / Springfield / 1873 in three lines.

For additional information on the trapdoor rifles, see the book The .45-70 Springfield by Joe Poyer and Craig Riesch. This antique black powder cartridge rifle should make a good shooter. The bore is mostly bright with a few small scattered speckles. We have had good success with Trapdoor rifles that have bores in far worse shape than this rifle. Order it today, as a bona fide antique it can be shipped directly to you with no FFL paperwork.

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