Antique U. S. Model 1817 Common Rifle,
reamed to .55 caliber smoothbore, 36" barrel,
walnut, converted to percussion, 1841 dated lock
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This original antique U. S. Model 1817 Common Rifle has a 1841 date on the lock plate and breech plug tang. The U. S. Model 1817 was designed with a 36" length .54 caliber rifled barrel, and a bit more drop in the stock than the earlier U. S. Model 1814 Common Rifle. Notice the three iron barrel bands, and round faced lock with brass pan, very similar in design to the more frequently encountered U. S. Model 1816 Musket. Pattern rifles were made at Harper's Ferry Arsenal, then delivered to four contractors: Henry Deringer (sometimes spelled Derringer), Johnson, North, and Starr. This rifle appears to have been manufactured by Starr.

This antique rifle has been converted to percussion with a drum and nipple. The once rifled barrel has been reamed to .55 caliber smoothbore. The walnut stock is in good condition with visible cartouche marks on the sideplate.
Our front view shows the black walnut stock, oval iron patchbox which opens correctly to reveal the large oval cavity. The patchbox door has a textured speckled gray patina. After its Government service, both sling swivels were removed. The front swivel lug was removed from the middle barrel band, and only traces remain. The rear swivel was mounted at the tail of the triggerguard grip rail, which has been trimmed off.

The breech end of the barrel is marked with the U.S., P proof mark, and JCB inspectors initials.

Trigger reach is 13", very typical for a antique military longarm.
This rifle had a reputation for grace, balance, and good design. Originally made to accept the same bayonet as the U. S. Model 1816 Musket, that feature was later dropped. Antique arms expert Jesse Melot notes that the 1817 Common Rifle was used up to, and including the Civil War, long after other earlier arms were retired.

Our top view shows the graceful lines of this scarce U. S. Army rifle, made during the era when most soldiers were armed with smoothbore muskets. This rifle was carried by an elite marksman, selected for service in a rifle company, no doubt.
Our bottom view shows the rounded toe, sleek lines, and the accumulated marks.
The flint lock has a round face and rounded cock, brass pan, and is similar in appearance to the U. S. Model 1816 Musket lock, except smaller. A sliver of wood has been lost from the area ahead of the lock, and no attempt has been made to replace it. Long ago converted to percussion the brass pan was cut flush, and the frizzen, and frizzen spring screw holes were filled. The tail of the lock plate is stamped Middtn Conn 1841. The rounded makers mark is too indistinct to make out. The lock functions correctly, with a strong mainspring, and modest trigger pull.
The rifle is fitted with the French influenced sideplate, found on many military muskets and rifles. The stock has two cartouche marks behind the sideplate.

We like the appearance, feel, and patina of this nice antique rifle. This military rifle is contemporary to the highly collectible American flint longrifles of the Golden Age era. It will make a fine addition to your collection of antique military rifles, muskets and pistols.

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