Northwest Trade Gun,
.56 smoothbore 36" octagon-to-round barrel,
walnut, brass & iron trim, L&R flint lock,
by R. Olson
Part Number: AAR-632
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Stocked in walnut, this flint lock .56 caliber smooth bore fowling gun is a replica of a Northwest Trade Gun from the early 19th century. The L&R round faced lock and breech end of the octagon-to-round barrel are marked in the fashion of Henry Derringer of Philadelphia. Henry Derringer competed in the market to supply Trade Guns to the U.S. government circa 1812 to 1815.

The heart of the gun is its 36" octagon-to-round .56 caliber smoothbore barrel. Octagon at the breech for 7-1/2" with a single wedding band to round. The octagon breech is stamped with crossed arrows and Derringer Philada. The markings are done with individual letters and are not perfectly aligned. The barrel is finished to a dark blue with typical wear around the vent hole and on areas that are frequently handled.

Neatly constructed this handy smooth bore gun weighs only 6.6 pounds, so you will be able to carry it everywhere. In addition to its light weight the gun has a trigger reach of 13-3/4", the two factors combine to make this a great piece for today's average size shooter.

The long baluster wrist of the trade gun runs from the lock panels to the toe. The comb seems to sit on top of the flowing wrist. This is classic architecture for early English muskets, especially the early Sea Service muskets, which apparently served as a model for the North West Trade Gun. The design is simple and functional, these inexpensive guns were sold by the Fur Trade Companies for many decades, even centuries. Muzzleloading guns were still popular long after the Winchester arrived, due to the low cost of ammunition.

When viewed from above the thumbnail finial of the flat brass buttplate can be seen. The tapered comb stands above the baluster wrist, wide at the butt it comes to a point just behind the wrist. A raised panel of carving surrounds the straight tang of the breech plug.

Measuring 36" forward to the muzzle, the tapered octagon-to-round barrel is stamped with a makers mark of a R in a circle on the off flat at the breech. The barrel is stamped with crossed arrows and Deringer Philada..

From below the rounded toe of the trade gun can be seen. Used the gun has a number of small handling marks typical of normal use. Moving forward the iron triggerguard has been screwed into position with three screws. The blue finish on the triggerguard has normal wear along the edges from use and handling.

Out of the picture the tapered wooden ramrod is held in position by a pair of brass forward pipes, as is correct no entry pipe has been used on the gun. The ramrod pipes have a mellow patina appearance matches that of the brass buttplate found on the gun.

Ignition for the trade gun is provided by this large L&R Queen Anne flintlock. Properly tuned and assembled the large lock has a hefty mainspring and a well hardened frizzen, two features that combine to make this a good sparking lock. We recommend our 7/8" knapped English flints for best performance. The tail of the lock has been stamped Deringer Phila. across the tail, and has a eagle stamped below the pan. The single trigger has been pinned to give good leverage against the sear.

Our final look at the gun shows off the brass serpent sideplate that is retained by three screws. Serpentine sideplates were common on early English guns, especially English Sea Service Muskets, where the serpent probably represented strength and stealth at sea. The brass serpent became a standard feature on trade guns made in England, Belgium, and America.

This nicely made trade gun is in good condition with a very nice bore. The walnut stock has a few handling marks and the blue finish on the barrel displays some normal wear from firing and cleaning. If you desire a modest caliber smoothbore, consider this well made gun today.
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