Bedford County longrifle,
.25 caliber, 42" straight octagon barrel,
fancy maple, carved, engraved, brass trim,
used, signed D. Priddy
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This attractive specimen of a Bedford County longrifle is ready for shipment today. Stocked in neatly raised carved figured maple, the stock is stained with a deep reddish brown stain, that nicely contrasts the polished and engraved brass furniture. The L&R Bedford flintlock and straight octagon barrel are both finished to a dark brown. The double set triggers are tuned to fire set or unset.

This is a fine reproduction of one of the latest styles of longrifles. We may never fully understand Bedford County rifles. We know that rifles were made in Bedford County as early as 1776, and many were made between 1800 and 1890. This span makes the Bedford County rifle contemporary to the Brown Bess musket, the Hawken plains rifle, the Colt revolver, and even the Winchester lever action. Signed by contemporary builder D. Priddy on the top flat of the barrel.

The 42" straight octagon barrel is rifled with a .25 caliber bore cut rifled with seven lands and grooves with a slow twist for a patched round ball. We recommend our #4 buckshot, which is a .240" diameter pure lead round ball, patched with .010" Ox-Yoke patching, lubricated with our Mink Oil tallow patch grease, if you require best accuracy.

This rifle includes:
  • A metal loading rod with antler handle
  • A rotating plastic handled stainless steel cleaning rod with brass jag
  • Two short starters with brass rods
  • Six assorted loading blocks
  • A container of balls and patches

Constructed with correct low comb architecture on the stock typical of the Bedford region. The brass furniture is accented with brass tear drops on the lock panels and well fitted decorative brass escutcheon plates around the wedge pins.

The slender 3/4" octagon by 42" barrel gives this rifle excellent balance without being too muzzle heavy. The slender rifle tips the scales at 7.8 pounds. The trigger reach is 12-3/4" to suit today's average size shooter.

The buttstock is fitted with a brass patchbox with a large "Q" front finial. The side panels are inlet with open work. The patchbox is mounted with correct steel screws with the slots fitted with the slots neatly aligned. The head, side panels, and door are engraved in a traditional folk art style. The door has a cam over center spring that opens to reveal a cut cavity for storing flints, jags, or other shooting accessories.

Shown from the top, this view shows the paneled buttplate comb with wedding band transition to the stock. Notice how the cheek is angled to the rear, to recoil away from your face, an ingenious feature found on better rifles. A line of raised carving defines the front edge of the comb. A nickel silver thumbpiece engraved with he initials D.R. is fitted behind the tang.

The barrel is finished to a dark brown. The breech end of the barrel is signed D. Priddy with scroll accents to either side and decorative bands at the breech and muzzle. The tall flat top rear sight is dovetailed 11" ahead of the breech. Shooters with "older" eyes or corrective lenses will appreciate the extra distance from the breech. A tall brass blade front sight is dovetail mounted behind the muzzle.

The bottom view reveals the brass triggerguard, with slender bow. A long toe plate protects the fragile toe area. Mounted with two steel screws with the slots neatly aligned with the barrel.

The forend is slim and graceful. A 1/4" diameter ramrod serves the barrel. The ramrod is finished dark and fitted with a brass tip with a turned cleaning jag. We would recommend keeping this well fitted ramrod with the rifle and using a dedicated loading and cleaning rod.

Ignition is provided by this L&R Lock Company Bedford County styled flintlock. The tail of the lock plate has the classic extended tail. The lock plate is nicely finished to a dark brown to match the barrel. The lock is decorated with engraving on the cock, and the lock plate beneath the pan and across the tail. The lock panels have a long raised beaver tail at the rear, and a raised molding at the front. A brass inlay is inlet flush with the stock on the beaver tail.

The double lever double set trigger is adjusted to allow the lock to be cocked, or the trigger set, in any sequence. Trigger geometry is set to give this rifle a very light release, when set, and a more firm release, when unset. Adjust the screw between the two triggers, inboard to reduce set trigger release pressure, our outboard to require a stronger pressure. The set trigger can provide very light release, perhaps an ounce or two, for accurate aimed shooting during pleasant weather.

The large brass sideplate is shaped with a extended tail and engraved with a folk arty style. The lock bolts heads are fitted with the slots aligned with the barrel. The cheek is fitted with a large oval engraved with a Federal eagle with a shield and sheaf of arrows. The classic longrifle cheek piece is surrounded by attractive raised carving. The carving is very crisp with smooth clean backgrounds.

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