Quill and Beadwork of the Western Sioux
by Carrie Lyford
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For centuries the native women had been dyeing the quills of the porcupine, sewing them on to garments and bags, and weaving them into belts, much as the later sewed and wove colored beads. This art of quillwork was an American native art, practiced nowhere else in the world, and the women gave it up gradually only because beads became plentiful and were much easier to use. This book is both a history and craft manual for people wishing to recreate objects decorated in an authentic and traditional manner. A fine war shirt is shown in full color on the cover. Soft bound, 116 pages, 46 illustrations.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Illustrations
    • Plates
    • Figures
  • Introduction
  • The Western Sioux
    • The Problem of Decoration
    • Decoration of Home and Furnishing
    • Decoration of Clothing
    • Decoration of Containers
    • Decoration of Ceremonial Property
  • Skins and Sinew
    • Preparation of Skins
    • Cleaning Dressed Skins
    • Decline in the Use of Skins
    • Sinew
  • Porcupine Quillwork
    • Dyes
    • Quill Techniques
      • Wrapping
      • Plaiting
      • Sewing
        • Stitches
        • One-Quill Sewing
        • Two, Three and Four Quills
        • Splicing
      • Design
    • Beadwork
      • Beadwork Technique
        • Overlaid or Spot Stitch
        • Lazy Stitch
      • Cloth and Thread
      • Weaving
    • Development of Sioux Designs
      • Design Elements, Units and Patterns
      • Names of Designs
      • Design Elements Most Commonly Used by the Sioux
      • Designs as Symbols
      • Design as Related to the Object Decorated
      • Use of Patterns in Making Designs
      • Colors Used
    • Summary
    • Museums
    • Bibliography
    • Color Key
    • Folio of Sioux Designs

    ISBN: 0-936984-08-2
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