Old Jules
by Mari Sandoz
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First published in 1935, Old Jules is Mari Sandoz's masterpiece. This portrait of her pioneer father grew out of “the silent hours of listening behind the stove or the wood box, when it was assumed, of course, that I was asleep. So it was that I heard the accounts of the hunts...of the fights with the cattlemen and sheepmen, of the tragic scarcity of women, when a man had to ‘marry anything that got off the train,' the storms, wind, and isolation." Soft bound, 430 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Foreword
  • Chapter I. Spring
  • Chapter II. Mirage
  • Chapter III. Jest and Departure
  • Chapter IV. The Return
  • Chapter V. A Checkered Suit
  • Chapter VI. Henriette
  • Chapter VII. The Niobrara Feud
  • Chapter VIII. Rain Makers and a Hunt to the Big Horns
  • Chapter IX. Emelia, Cattlemen, and Murder
  • Chapter X. Mary, and a Land-Steal Plot
  • Chapter XI. Rain
  • Chapter XII. Hail on the Panhandle
  • Chapter XIII. A Polish Wedding
  • Chapter XIV. The Kinkaider Comes
  • Chapter XV. Land Frauds
  • Chapter XVI. The Killer
  • Chapter XVII. Snakebite
  • Chapter XVIII. The Hills
  • Chapter XIX The Kinkaider Goes
  • Chapter XX. A New Boom
  • Chapter XXI. Winter
  • Afterword

ISBN: 0-8032-5173-4
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