bullets .459'' diameter, 480 grain, .449" nose diameter for .45-70 Springfield, Lyman 457-125-AV, SPG lube, BHN 11, pack of 50
Part Number: BULLET-459-500-LYMAN
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Price: $18.99
The Lyman 457-125-AV bullet is ideal for the original trapdoor Springfield Rifle. Nose is .449" diameter, body is sized to exactly .459" diameter.

Cast of lead alloy, lubricated with SPG bullet lubricant, these heavier 480 grain bullets are ideal for black powder cartridges.

This 480 grain Lyman #457-125 bullet is the correct heavier weight for the trapdoor 1873 & 1884 Springfield Rifle, originally made by the U.S. Government's Frankfort Arsenal, developed for long range accuracy. Order the mould and handles, and cast your own bullets, after you prove these to be accurate in your rifle.

Not recommended for lever action or tubular magazine rifles, each bullet has a round nose. Use flat point bullets in tubular magazine rifles, to reduce the possibility of accidental discharge due to recoil.

Sold in a pack of fifty (50) sized and lubricated bullets, ready to hand load into your .45-70 or .45 Sharps cartridges.

We offer the correct neck expander die, with .459" expander plug, at low cost. Order #LEE-DIE-45-EX die body plus our #DIE-459-EXP expander plug for .459" bullet to allow thumb press fit, without damaging or resizing the cast bullet.

Compress your black powder using the above die body, plus our #WAD-460-B thin white card plus our #DIE-45-COMPRESS powder compression plug for .45-70. Powder must normally be compressed about 5/8" to allow the bullet to seat properly.

If you use your lead bullet to compress your powder, you will deform or expand the bullet nose, which may not engage your chamber's throat properly.

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