Sharps Firearms
Early Metallic Cartridge Firearms and Model 1874 Sporting Rifles
Vol. 2
by Roy Marcot, Ron Paxton, with De Witt Bailey II & Richard Labowskie
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This well researched book covers the development of early Sharps cartridge firearms through the Model 1874 Sporting Rifle in all its variations. The book includes a detailed look at buffalo hunting on the frontier and the role played by Sharps rifles. Enthusiasts will enjoy reading the many historical facts detailed about the Sharps company, along with the mini-biographies of famous and everyday Sharps users. Accompanying the text are hundreds of illustrations and photos, both historical and contemporary images of the gun and various users. Volume II is the first completed volume of the four volume set. This book has been endorsed by the American Society of Arms Collectors as well as the Sharps Collector Association.

Printed on fine paper, hard bound in 12-1/4" x 10-1/4" format with 373 pages, all full color.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Early & Developmental Sharps Metallic Cartridge Firearms
  • Chapter 2: Sharps Model 1867 & Model 1868 Carbines and Rifles
  • Chapter 3: Springfield-Sharps Model 1870 Trials Rifles & Carbines
  • Chapter 4: Sharps Model 1869 Sporting Rifles
  • Chapter 5: Sharps Model 1874 Sporting Rifles
  • Chapter 6: Sharps Model 1874 Sporting Rifles Characteristics & Features
  • Chapter 7: Sharps Model 1874 Military Rifles
  • Chapter 8: Sharps Model 1874 Carbines
  • Chapter 9: Buffalo Hunting on the Frontier
  • Chapter 10: Sharps Buffalo Rifles and the Hunters That Used Them
  • Bibliography
  • Index

ISBN: 10: 0-9611494-6-9
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