Germanic Jaeger Rifle, pre shaped stock, sliding wooden patchbox,
31" swamped barrel, Jaeger lock
Our Jaeger rifle stock is fully shaped and pre-inlet in plain maple, fancy maple, or walut. Precision cut for Colerain's swamped 31" Jaeger barrel, drilled full depth for a 3/8" ramrod, and pre-inlet for the R. E. Davis Jaeger flint lock, and our "acanthus leaf" buttplate. Triggers mortis for double set triggers are pre-inlet, but the triggerguard is not cut, allowing a choice of styles. The dovetail sliding wooden patchbox lid is fitted. Reduce the oversize lid to the patchbox shape you prefer. Trigger reach is about 13-1/4" with 2-3/4" drop from the line of sights. Butt end is 4-1/2" high, 1-15/16" wide, pre-cut for our buttplate with asymmetrical comb.

Specifications for pre-inlet stocks:
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