Pattern for a
Indian War Shirt

size 36 to 50
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Fitted style, or open style with tail and legs attached, this leather shirt may be varied to suit your preference. Often plain, sometimes decorated with paint, feathers, ermine tails, scalp locks, bead work, quill work, or trade cloth. Variations are suggested in this pattern.This pattern includes the Working with Leather and Fur guide to simplify assembly.

Made in the USA, published by Eagle View. All terms are fully defined in the handy glossary. Bold illustrated instructions make Eagle View patterns easy to use, even for the novice.


HidesSize 36 to 38Size 42 to 46Size 50
2 Hides, usable area each25 x 54"29 x 56"32 x 58"
2 Hides, usable area each25 x 36"29 x 36"32 x 36"
1 Hide, usable area25 x 48"25 x 48"25 x 48"
Optional shoulder cap fringe add10 x 40" to all sizes

Leather: Light to medium weight leather.

Notions: Thread or imitation sinew.

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