Sharon Hawken new internal lock parts, by L&R
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The Sharon Rifle Barrel Co., Kalispell, Montana, made a popular Hawken rifle kit, which uses a L&R lock that appears identical to our #LOCK-LR-100. The plate, hammer, bridle, sear spring, and all screws are the same. However, internal parts of old locks are different!

DANGER: Sharon kits have L&R locks with old style tumbler, sear, link, pin, mainspring, and fly. Old style parts work fine, but are now obsolete. New L&R parts have improved geometry. NEVER mix new and old parts in the same lock. If you must replace a sear or tumbler, you must install all new internal parts! Sharon Rifle Barrel Co. is now defunct. No old style parts remain, no warranty on Sharon's old locks. We can supply new L&R parts as a set, to upgrade your Sharon rifle. Which includes the following.

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