1763 Charleville & 1795 Springfield lock castings
New wax cast parts, for the experienced lock maker. Not a kit!

The armories of France lead the world in advanced military musket design and production, during the 1700 - 1830 period. So many French musket models and variations were made and tested, even advanced collectors find the distinctions confusing.

These parts are apparently exact copies from the French Model 1763 "Charleville" musket lock. Or, they could be copied from the U.S. Model 1795 "Springfield" which is essentially identical to the first French muskets, supplied by our allies during the Revolution.

Not to be confused with the 1777 Charleville, which the U.S. redesigned as the 1816 Springfield. This earlier lock has an octagon shaped pan, flat faced lock plate with chamfered edges and a pointed tail. Unmarked, you may engrave, etch, or stamp any desired marks into the plate. Here is an ideal starting point for a lock building project, for your next replica flint military musket, Committee of Safety musket, trade gun, fusil, or big bore fowling gun. Civilian gun locks can be emulated by reshaping the cock into a graceful gooseneck shape, commonly found on earlier French fusils.

Can you build a lock from these scratch parts! Perhaps. The right candidate will have a deep interest in flint locks and their geometry and tuning, some machine shop training, a drill press, taps, dies, gas welding torch (for hardening the frizzen, tumbler, and sear), and some experience with flint lock kits, such as Siler's.
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