English Powder Dipper,
adjustable brass cup, calibrated in drams of black powder,
patterned from an antique, made in the U.S.A.
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This handy English style powder dipper has a brass telescoping head, and walnut stained hardwood handle. The adjustable cup telescopes to lock in place, and is retained with a small steel screw as found on antique examples. Calibrated in drams of black powder the telescoping head adjusts to five positions: 2-1/2 drams., 2-3/4 drams, 3-drams, 3-1/4 drams, and 3-1/2 drams.

This would be an ideal accessory for a 19th century black powder muzzleloading, or black powder cartridge shotgun. It was common for antique shotgun reloading equipment to have both a dedicated shot dipper and powder dipper. You may recall that "there are 7,000 plump grains of wheat in the King's pound". Each pound is divided in 16 ounces. Each ounce is divided into 16 drams. Thus, each dram is about 27.34 grains."

Ounces of shot ~ Drams of black powder ~ Grains of black powder ~
1 oz.2-1/2 drams68.4 grains
1-1/8 oz.2-3/4 drams75.2 grains
1-1/4 oz.3 drams82.0 grains
1-3/8 oz.3-1/4 drams88.6 grains
1-1/2 oz.3-1/2 drams95.7 grains

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