Loading Block, for .50 caliber patched round ball, 2-3/8" x 5", maple, sanded, unfinished
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This miniature "bread board" shaped accoutrement is made from hard maple, drilled to hold six lubricated patches and round balls. Before hunting, grease your patch, center it over a hole, and press the ball into the patch, forcing it into the hole, using our #ST-7 short starter. Press it into the hole, until the ball protrudes beyond the far side.

This protruding bulge can be quickly centered on the muzzle, and the patched ball can be rammed home with the starter and then the ramrod. These hole sizes can be easily adapted to fit larger calibers by enlarging the hole with sandpaper around a slotted dowel, or a round chain-saw sharpening file.

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It is wise to extend the life of the loading block, by applying any desired stain such as #LMF-STAIN-LM to match your longrifle, and a coat of #LINSPEED-2 wood finish before use. Else the bullet lubricant's tallow and wax will eventually migrate into the wood and naturally discolor the maple to a mellow patina.

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