Northwest Trade Gun,
12 gauge, 36" octagon-to-round barrel,
Davis flint lock, curly maple, brass & iron,
new, unfired, by Gary White
Part Number: AAR-513
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This classic North West Trade Gun, has been stocked in modestly figured maple. This Trade Gun would be a excellent choice for your late Fur Trade impression. Correctly fitted with traditional trade gun hardware, a mix of brass and iron, this .73 caliber smoothbore flint fowling gun is as pretty as it is functional. Ideal for competition, this nice flint fowling gun is fully qualified for use in the NMLRA North West Trade Gun match, using patched round balls at paper targets, and bird shot at clay birds on the trap range. Neatly hand made by contemporary builder Dr. Gary White. Trigger reach is 14" to fit today's average size shooter. Weight is a modest 6.7 pounds.

The 36" barrel is tapered octagon, with a transition to sixteen flats, wedding bands, and tapered round to the muzzle. The bore is .730" diameter, for our cast lead round ball and patch. We recommend our .690" pure lead round ball, patched with .010" Ox-Yoke patches, lubricated with Ox-Yoke Wonder Lube, for easy loading. We offer 12 gauge (.73 caliber) wads, cards, and shot for wing shooting. This trade gun has no rear sight, allowing it to qualify under NMLRA Trade Gun Match rules. The 36" long octagon-to-round barrel is nicely finished to a dark brown, with a smooth semi-gloss appearance. A brass front sight is mounted 1-1/2" behind the muzzle.

Newly made this North West Trade Gun is finished to a warm brown with a golden undertone and rubbed back to best reveal the figure of the maple stock. Correctly fitted with a mix of brass and iron furniture. The square buttplate, serpent sideplate, and ramrod pipes are brass, while the trigger guard is steel. The rounded comb of the buttplate is secured with a screw with the slot neatly aligned with the barrel. The wrist is fitted with a trade silver Iroquois cross overlaid, secured with screws and pins, and shaped to conform to the wrist.

This bottom view shows the traditional large iron triggerguard, hand burnished bright which nicely contrasts the color on the maple stock. The triggerguard of this North West Trade Gun is correctly surface mounted. Two screws retain the rear of the triggerguard, and a third retains the front. The trade gun is fitted with three ramrod pipes. A bit fancier than traditional trade gun ramrod pipes the pipes have rings, much like the corrugations in cardboard, to give the pipes maximum strength against crushing or denting in hard use. The pipes allow the 3/8" ramrod to slide smoothly, to serve the barrel. The ramrod is fitted with a jagged brass tip correctly mounted directly to the ramrod.

This round faced lock is designed and styled after early English longrifle, fowlers, and trade guns. The lock is cast with the floral engraving pattern commonly found on many antique locks and has been finished to a dark blue. This big flint lock sparks well using our #Flint-ENG-7 hand knapped English 7/8" gun flints, by Tom Fuller. An essential element for fast ignition, the vent is centered on the pan, correctly positioned above the bottom of the pan, to serve as a window, centered on the heat of the incandescent flash.

Two lock bolts screws retain the sideplate and lock. The rear sideplate screw is actually a wood screw. The brass sideplate is cast in the form of a serpent, a traditional motif for the North West Gun. Surface mounted sideplate are traditional on this style of smoothbore.. We believe that this stylized serpent sideplate evolved from the flat sideplates, embossed or engraved to resemble a serpent, found on Queen Anne and later English Sea Service muskets.

Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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