Antique Trade Pistol,
.59 caliber 8-1/2" brass barrel,
walnut with some repairs, brass trim,
original flint lock marked Sharpe
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This antique flintlock trade pistol has an early 19th century appearance. The pistol is stocked in European walnut and trimmed in brass furniture. The walnut stock has a glued repair angling through the stock along the grain from the front of the side panel to just ahead of the trigger. The joint has visible glue scattered over the length of the repair. The stock and brass furniture have scattered handling marks. The brass barrel and flintlock have a dark aged patina.

The brass furniture is hand engraved with a star burst design on the triggerguard bow and sideplate. The sideplate is very similar in form to early 19th century British military rifle sideplates. The bag style grip is fitted with a brass buttcap mounted with a steel screw. The buttcap has a number of dents and appears to have been stuck repeatedly, which may account for the break through the lock panel. The ramrod is a modern replacement and has been tapered to fit the pistol.

The 8-1/2" brass barrel has a dark almost black aged patina on the breech end of the barrel. The .59 caliber smoothbore is dark and has some visible roughness. The breech end of the barrel is stamped with post 1813 Birmingham, England view and proof marks. The top of the barrel is boldly stamped EXTRA SHARPE PROOF on three lines. No front sight or rear sight is fitted, typical of pistols designed to be use at short range.

This late flintlock was designed to be and inexpensive lock for trade. The lock does not have an external bridle on the pan and internally the lock also omits the bridle to support the tumbler. The sear nose is chipped and it is possible to overpower the half cock notch and drop the cock from halfcock. The lock does spark. The plate is marked Sharpe beneath the pan and engraved with a decorative border and design on the tail.


The bottom of the bag style grip displays many marks from handling. The triggerguard and triggerplate are neatly hand engraved, both have aged to dark brown patina. A single ramrod entry pipe mounts the ramrod. The ramrod appears to be a old replacement and has a fiber wrap on the hidden end.

The spliced maple is visible on the forend of the stock. The single wedge key passes through nickel silver escutcheon plates. The wedge key is captured to the stock to prevent loss. A single lock bolt is fitted to the side panel with a round side plate engraved to give is zig zag design.

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