1866 Winchester Loading Gate,
polished bright finish, small hole,
for rifles with numeric serial number,
by Aldo Uberti, Italy
Part Number: WIN-66-GATE-I
Availability: In Stock
Price: $24.99
Made in the USA, this super strong new spring steel loading gate is a near perfect match to the original Winchester Model 1866 Rifle part.

Heat treated for strength and temper drawn for durability, the deep, bullet contoured radius on the gate makes magazine loading fast and easy. Accepts .357, .38, .40, .44-40, and .45 Colt. Simple drop-in installation. Available in antiqued, blue or polished steel. Looks just like the original and this item really makes loading easy!

Upgrade your 1866 Winchester Rifle by Aldo Uberti, Italy. We highly recommend it.

This loading gate has a "polished bright finish". It will fit ONLY if your rifle has a NUMERIC serial number. This loading gate has the SMALL mounting screw hole.

If your rifle has a "W" in the serial number, this part will not fit. Instead, order our new style loading gate with a LARGE mounting screw hole.

We offer both sizes, in all finishes. Order by part number.
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