Underlug blank, for Thompson Center & similar rifles
Part Number: UL-TC-H
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Price: $4.99
Our UL-TC-H underlug blank is made for the T/C Hawken, Renegade, and other similar rifles. We use these to replace lost lugs on the CVA Mountain Rifle, Big Bore, Hawken, Frontier and similar rifles. Strangely, CVA lug slots tend to be loose. This lug has a longer base than the CVA, which allows a perfect fit.

When adapting our Green Mountain drop-in T/C barrels to fit Lyman Great Plains Rifle, two of these lugs will be required. Or, build your own interchangeable barrel, for your T/C, Lyman, CVA, InvestArms, Siles, Richland, or similar imported Hawken rifles.

The slot measures 0.61" x 0.15", and the base is 0.37" wide, with a 1.06" length tapered dovetail. Overall height 0.36", dovetail base to slot thickness 0.11". This blank is full width from the top to the base and may require either thinning the underlug top, or opening up the wood very slightly on T/C rifles.
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