Underlug Staples, for thick keys, thin keys, or barrel pins
Part Number: UL-104-A
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Underlug staples are authentic, stronger, easier to install, and they remove less metal than dovetail lugs. Not suitable for thin wall barrels. Staples work well for keys, pins, or for supporting a sling swivel.

Drill holes about .120" diameter (#31 or 1/8") for these staples. Our UL-104-A staples are made for keys up to .125" thick. The .430" slot width allows for barrel expansion when hot, without pinching the barrel, changing point of impact. This larger staple works well with our steel 3/32" barrel pin, too.

We recommend these UL-104-A staples for halfstock Hawken and similar Plains rifles using full size keys. It may be seated deeper for use with thinner keys. Made in the USA, of malleable steel, they are virtually unbreakable.

How deep should holes be drilled? Hold the lug with legs upward. Place the pin or key in the open staple. Measure the remaining leg length extending beyond the key. Your pin or key should smoothly glide through the slot, touching the bottom of the barrel and the inside of the staple or lug.

Always leave more than .050" remaining wall thickness.
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