Track's Tried & True Browning Reagent,
2 ounces
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This formula was documented by Zischang, the famous early gunsmith. Commonly used by early gunsmiths, it is reproduced by Track.. It is the best cold rust method of producing a very rich dark brown color on iron or steel.

No heat is used, no mercury compounds. Safe for soldered ribs and shotgun barrels. Use degreaser before application. The brown finish is composed of hydrated iron oxides. Your results can be controlled and enhanced by using a simple humidity box or closet to control the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. Full details for achieving success in 24 hours are included in our instruction sheet. Several applications, mostly unattended, over several days, is the most popular technique.

We will include our TRACK BROWN instruction sheet, free when you order Track-Brown, or an extra copy, free with any other order, when you enter your request in our Shopping Cart comment field.

Shelf life is not an issue, at least a few years, if tightly capped when not in use.

However, we recommend using a fresh bottle when you begin any important new project, and use any older remaining reagent when retouching worn edges, corners, or bright spots.
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