Bedford County Double Lever,
with backlash adjustment screw,
by L&R
Part Number: TR-LR-BEDFORD
Availability: In Stock
Price: $65.00
Assembled with petite triggers in the style of John Amos, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. The curved trigger plate on these double lever double set triggers is designed to fit our precision inlet Bedford County rifle stock. They make a fine choice, if you are building a rifle with a profile requiring a curved trigger plate. The trigger plate is about .400" wide. Double lever triggers will fire your lock, set or unset once tuned correctly. This trigger has a backlash adjustment screw to adjust the mainspring engagement with the rear trigger. Your lock must have a "fly" detent to function correctly with double set triggers. We stock all spare parts for this nice quality L&R trigger.

Overall length 5-3/4", width .400".
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