Double Set Trigger
straight front trigger, long rear trigger, backlash adjustment screw,
by L&R's Early American longrifle, or Jaeger Rifle
Part Number: TR-LR-1910
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Price: $51.00
Suitable for many early longrifles with a long closed or open-ended bow. These include: Lancaster, Berk County, early Virginia and Jaeger style rifles. This new double set trigger by L&R has a higher front trigger blade, a longer travel ramp to accommodate a wider range of adjustment, back lash adjustment screw. The front trigger has a decorative front curl. The maximum spacing of the front and rear triggers is 1-3/4". Compare this distance to your choice of triggerguards. The trigger plate is about .400" wide. Double lever triggers will fire your lock, set, or unset once properly tuned. These triggers feature a "back lash" adjustment screw to allow easier adjustment without filing the trigger bars. Your lock must have a "fly" detent. Triggers and bar are wax cast alloy steel. The front trigger spring and mainspring are spring steel. The bar is finished bright, and triggers and mainspring are tempered blue black. We stock all spare parts for this L&R trigger.

Overall length 5-3/4", width .400".
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