Double Set Trigger
curled long bar rear trigger
Part Number: TR-DST-GA
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Price: $69.00
This "double lever" set trigger has a front trigger lever to engage the sear, so the lock can be fired with the trigger unset when properly tuned. The photo shows this trigger in the "set" position. The photo shows the maximum spacing of the two triggers. Although the rear trigger is gently curled, this trigger can be used with a medium size triggerguard bow. The trigger plate is about .400" wide. Neatly finished, this trigger has just enough backlash or "free-play" to allow the lock to be cocked, before the trigger is set. Shortening the mainspring's tip will increase free-play, if necessary. Your lock must have a "fly" detent in half cock. We can supply spare parts for this trigger. Available as a kit, or assembled, tuned, ready for use.

This trigger is a precision assembly made with heat treated tool steel. If either trigger must be bent to fit the triggerguard, heat the trigger to a cherry red and bend while hot. Reharden by heating to cherry red and quenching in 10W oil or mineral oil. Temper by heating to 550 degrees for 1 hour in a kitchen oven. The trigger bar can be bent slightly without heating.

Overall length 5-1/2", width .400".
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