Double Lever Double Set Trigger Kit
Part Number: TR-DST-4K
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Price: $34.50
Following the illustrated instructions, this trigger kit can be assembled and finished in 10 easy steps.

This double lever double set trigger can be fired set or unset, which hunter's prefer.

If the gun you are scratch-building requires bending the triggers or plate, we recommend using this kit. Bend the parts to the desired curve, then assembled and harden them. These small alloy steel parts are easily hardened using only a propane torch, and may be tempered in your kitchen oven. Our instructions make tempering easy for the beginner. Notice that we show the finished trigger "set". Compare these exact full size trigger photographs to our full size triggerguard photos, to select an appropriate trigger and guard combination for your longrifle or target rifle. While you may grind or file finished triggers to clear a tight or shallow triggerguard bow, you may not bend triggers after they are tempered. Our kit has annealed triggers.

Overall length 5-3/8", bar .400" wide.

We can supply the drill bits and taps required, at small extra cost.
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