Double set trigger kit, single lever type, not assembled
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Our trigger kit includes simple clear illustrated instructions. This trigger kit can be assembled and finished in 10 easy steps, during a long evening. This single lever "target style" double set trigger can only be fired from the set position. If the new gun you are building requires bending the triggers or plate, we recommend this kit. Bend the parts, assemble and harden them. Relax, small parts are easily tempered following our instructions. Narrow straight front and rear triggers were popular on late longrifles and halfstock rifles.

To assemble this kit, you need a drill press, files, emery cloth, propane torch, tap handle, and hardening compound. Drill bits required include sizes: 3/32", #47 and #33. Taps include 6x40 and 3x48. A drill press vise and bench grinder will be helpful.

If you are anxious to begin assembly of a new target rifle, we recommend that you invest in the fully assembled trigger. You will like the crisp action that Davis achieves in his double set triggers.

If you have more time than money, or if you enjoy the pleasure of making every small detail perfect, then you must order the trigger kit, to grind, drill, tap, file, polish, assemble, harden and temper. The alloy steels used in this kit can be hardened using a small propane torch with Kasenit® and tempered in you kitchen oven.

Instructions discuss heat treating, so the novice need not fear it. If any part becomes damaged or lost, order spare parts. Same day shipment, from stock.

Overall length 5-1/4", bar .400" wide.
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