Oversize Reforming Thread Taps,
to repair worn or damaged 1/4-28 threads, set of three
Part Number: TOOL-RETAP-SET-3
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Price: $41.99
Each set contains the three most commonly used taps: .255-28 (+.005), .260-28 (+.010), .265-28 (+.015), over size 1/4-28 taps.

These are thread reforming taps. Use these taps, in sequence, to clean up a 1/4-28 thread. Install one of our matching oversize nipples. Never use a standard nipple in an oversize hole! Never use these taps to thread a new hole. Stop when threads are fully restored. Don't enlarge nipple seats unnecessarily.

Sturdy hardened steel. Use a tap handle. Use tapping fluid. Properly used, these should last a lifetime. They can be carelessly damaged, chipped, broken, and dulled. Not warranted against failure. Repairs are best performed by skilled gunsmiths, experienced machinists, or serious hobbyists.
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