New Reliable Tomahawk,
4" cutting edge, 4140 alloy steel,
22" tapered hickory handle.
made in the U.S.A.
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Our most popular throwing 'hawk, sometimes called the "octagon tomahawk" because of the decorative flats on it's carbon cutlery steel blade.

The blade edge is just over 4" in arc length, the NMLRA legal limit. It requires quick sharpening before use, to qualify for NMLRA match rules.

Made in the U.S.A. wax cast of tempered 4140 alloy steel, a few licks of a fine file, before each day's use, will keep the edge sharp.

Includes our 22" hickory Carlos Gove pattern tomahawk handle with a swell along the bottom. Sanded smooth, this handle is ready for stain or oil finishing, if desired. For competion throwing we would recommend our version with the standard 18" handle, which are much less expensive to replace when damaged.

Our popular New Reliable Tomahawk weighs 13-3/4 ounces. The head is wax cast alloy steel, made in the U.S.A. for hard throwing competition.

This New Reliable Tomahawk includes the tempered steel head, and the sanded unfinished 22" Carlos Gove pattern hickory handle. Track's fine handles are made of Tennessee Hickory, in the U.S.A.

Never use a split wedge, or glue, to retain a tomahawk handle. Our tapered handle is a perfect fit, when driven in from above. It is designed to pop out, if mis-thrown, to minimize breakage. You may elect to stain, scorch, oil finish, or kerosene soak (oil temper) your handles, or you may prefer to allow them to develop a natural patina from normal use.

We strongly recommend ordering a few spare standard tomahawk handles, our #HANDLE-STD.

Be sure to carry a few spare handles with you to the Rendezvous. If the boy's play "all tomahawks thrown at the card, before any is removed", you may soon need a spare handle.
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