Carlos Gove pattern pipe tomahawk,
brass head,
22" tapered and drilled curly maple handle,
made in the U.S.A.
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A replica of a Carlos Gove pipe tomahawk, from his early days in Council Bluffs, he later became a famous gun maker in Denver.

Similar designs were also commonly imported in the 18th and early 19th centuries from Europe, and widely imitated by American blacksmiths. The investment cast head is real yellow brass, not cheap aluminum bronze.

The pipe bowl is hollow with a cast hole through to the eye. Use this as a guide to cross-drill into the handle. The head has an overall length of 8", the edge is 2-3/8". The head is as-cast, it will require deburring and polishing.

Our optional 22" hickory handle with swell at the end is patterned after a original example. Our hickory handle is not drilled for smoking. Order a spare if you plan to throw this peace pipe. Only skilled experts should throw a peace pipe.

Our 22" curly maple handle is highly decorative when stained and finished, has the swell at the end, and is drilled for smoking. Order curly maple #HANDLE-GOVE-M-DRILLED, included with this brass head, to make a ceremonial peace pipe for smoking tobacco, an American Indian tradition. Never use a figured curly maple handle for throwing.

Never built a pipe tomahawk before? Order the book Instructions & Hints for Assembling Pipe Tomahawks by G. & A. Gutchess, #BOOK-IHAPT.

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