Tinder Tube,
solid brass tubing,
with 10" cotton tinder cord
Part Number: TINDER-TUBE
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Price: $4.99
Tinder tubes have been used for centuries as a fire starting tool.

Before first use, ignite the frayed end of the cord with a flame, then slowly pull the burning end into the tube until extinguished. The charred surface of the burned end becomes very flammable, easily ignited by a spark. Store the charred end well inside the tube, until next use.

Ignite the charred end of the cotton cord with flint and steel striker, then use it as you would regular char cloth to start a fire or light a pipe. To extinquish the glowing end, simply pull the cord back into the tube.

This simple and clever tinder tube will coil up neatly to fit inside your oval Tobacco Box, or Striker Box, and most other well sealed tinder boxes. Our #TOBAC-BOX-B is our favorite. You can use the burning glass lens to ignite the tinder tube during bright daylight.
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