Touch Hole Liner
6-.75mm thread, stainless steel,
slotted for easy removal
for Investarms produced Lyman Great Plains, Trade, & Deerstalker rifles
Part Number: THL-LYMAN-S
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Price: $5.99
Flash Hole Liner, often called a vent, vent liner, or touch-hole liner.

Threaded 6-.75mm, made in the USA, stainless steel, slotted for easy removal.

Concave inside, this vent liner brings the main powder charge very close to the incandescent heat of the priming flash. Position the vent on the center of the pan, slightly above the pan to frizzen joint, sometimes called the "sunset" position. Covered by the frizzen when closed, the hole is a window centered on the heat of your priming flash, for instant ignition, without the whoosh-bang delay, seen in many flint guns.

Only the better quality London made guns were factory fitted with vent liners, but nearly all flint guns were later fitted with vent liners, after the vent hole in the barrel became worn from flash erosion, corrosion, or the aggressive use of a vent pick.

Order our #RLP-FLUSH cleaning nipple, 6-.75mm thread, with tubing attached, to allow soap and water flushing of your barrel and breech, without spilling water on your stock.

This metric size fits Lyman pistols or rifles manufactured by InvestArms.

Dab a tiny amount of our #BC-CTL Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lube on the threads, to prevent this vent liner from becoming stuck, after each cleaning.
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