Taps, high carbon steel, 1/4-32 thread
This special thread is used almost exclusively for the 1/4-32 White Lightnin' touch hole liners, where fine threads allow a larger inside cavity. It is also used to refresh the threads of older Numrich Arms underhammer rifles, and Hopkins & Allen percussion longrifles. Our special nipples with long shanks for underhammer rifles are also threaded 1/4-32.

Never use high speed steel (HSS) taps for gunsmithing. High speed steel is perfect for a drill bit, but a poor choice for a gunsmith's tap. If broken, it is difficult to remove. Our high carbon steel taps are hard and sharp. If broken they are easily removed with a drift punch.

Plug taps have three to five threads chamfered, to cut threads in a through hole, or to start threads in a blind hole, closed at the bottom.

Tap Drills are smaller in diameter than the screw shaft to leave enough metal to cut threads.

Tap Drill: for 1/4-32 thread, use fractional Drill-7/32
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