Primitive Hunter's
Fire Making Kit
forged strike-a-light,
flint chard, booklet,
& brass tinder box
Part Number: STRIKER-KIT
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Price: $38.08
This primitive American Hunter's fire making kit includes our polished brass tinderbox with hinged lid, hand forged steel strike-a-light, flint chard, and our instruction book.

The brass tinderbox is about 4" long when closed. Our customers often glue soft felt inside, to prevent rattle in the field.

The hand forged steel fire striker is ingeniously hardened and tempered, to throw showers of sparks, but it is not easily broken. A sharp piece of Knife River flint is included.

The instruction manual Making Sure-Fire Tinder explains how to make and use char-cloth, and how to prepare for primitive fire making contests, during the Rendezvous season ahead.

Visitors and guests are easily impressed, when you produce this Primitive Hunter's Fire Making Kit from your pocket or pouch, strike sparks, and ignite char-cloth, nearly as fast as using a match.

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