Stock, J.P. Beck, Lebanon, pre-inlet,
"C" profile 42" swamped barrel, large Siler lock, extra fancy maple
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Precision machine inlet, on Allen’s patented 5 axis pantograph. Each stock is precision inlet for a "C" profile 42" swamped octagon barrel, large Siler lock, and our correct #BP-MA-47-B sand cast brass buttplate. You may select your choice of any appropriate triggerguard, single or set trigger, and ramrod pipes, which are not inlet. The forend is squared ahead of the lock panels. Minor hand inletting is required to fit the tang to the mortise. Trigger reach is about 13-1/2”, with 3-3/4” drop from line of sights. Buttplate end is 4-1/2” tall, 1-7/8” wide, to fit our #BP-MA-47-B buttplate. Representative stock shown.

Our J.P. Beck ‘C’ stock is precision inlet for our Golden Age ‘C’ profile, available in .50 and .54 caliber and our large Siler lock. Hole for 3/8” ramrod hole is drilled full depth. A rectangular block cut from the same blank is included, for making a sliding wooden patchbox if desired, matching knife handles, or for testing stains and finishes. Not inlet for trigger, so inlet your favorite double set trigger or single trigger. Drilled, not milled, for a 3/8” ramrod. Hand inlet your choice of ramrod pipes. The forend is squared ahead of the lock panels to allow easy mounting in a vise. The butt is shaped with a square cheek piece. Lock panels are shaped, pre-inlet for the large Siler flint lock #LOCK-SL-FL-RH, or percussion lock, #LOCK-SL-CL-RH.

Specifications for pre-inlet stock:
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