Isaac Haines, Lancaster County, fully shaped stock, left pre-inlet,
"B" or "C" profile 38" swamped barrel, left large Siler lock
Precision machine inlet on a 5 axis pantograph. Our “B” profile stock is pre-inlet for a standard weight barrel in .40, .45, or .50 caliber. Our "C" profile stock is pre-inlet for a heavy weight barrel in .50, or .54 caliber. All are cut for left hand Siler’s large lock, our small Bivins’ buttplate, triggerguard and rod pipes, our curled trigger, and underlugs. We offer a complete set of wax castings in iron or brass, to fit this rifle. Rod hole is drilled 3/8" full depth. About 13-3/4" pull, 3-1/4" drop form the line of sights. Buttstock is cast off for a left hand shooter. Buttplate area is 5 x 1-7/8".

The stock is shaped with a square cheek piece. The buttplate is pre-inlet to accept our small Bivins buttplate. Fully shaped with only a vise block remaining. The stock is pre-inlet for the trigger plate, small Bivins triggerguard, and entry and forward ramrod pipes. Trigger is pre-inlet to accept a single trigger. Ramrod entry pipe and ramrod forward ramrod pipes are inlet for the Isaac Haines ramrod pipes. Rod hole is drilled 3/8" full depth. Lock panels are shaped and pre-inlet for lock mortise. Pre-inlet for our left hand large Siler flint, or percussion lock.

Specifications for fully shaped, pre-inlet stocks:
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