stock, Isaac Haines, fully shaped, pre-inlet,
"C" profile 38" swamped barrel, large Siler lock, plain maple
Part Number: STK-IH-C-M1-XR
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Price: $259.00
Precision machine inlet on a 5 axis pantograph. Our "C" profile stock is inlet for a heavy weight barrel in .50, or .54 caliber. All are cut for Siler’s large lock, our small Bivins’ buttplate, triggerguard, ramrod rod pipes, and triggerplate for single trigger. We offer a complete set of wax castings in iron or brass, to fit this rifle. Right hand stocks are cut for the sideplate. Rod hole is drilled 3/8" full depth. About 13-3/4" pull, 3-1/4" drop form the line of sights. Buttstock is cast off for a right hand shooter. Buttplate area is 5 x 1-7/8".

The stock is shaped with a square cheek piece. The buttplate is pre-inlet to accept our small Bivins buttplate. Fully shaped with only a vise block remaining. The stock is pre-inlet for the trigger plate, small Bivins triggerguard, and entry and forward ramrod pipes. Trigger is pre-inlet to accept a single trigger. Ramrod entry pipe and ramrod forward ramrod pipes are inlet for the Isaac Haines ramrod pipes. Rod hole is drilled 3/8" full depth. Lock panels are shaped and pre-inlet for lock mortise. Pre-inlet for our right hand large Siler flint, or percussion lock.

Specifications for fully shaped, pre-inlet stocks:
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